The diagnostic and therapeutic procedures involving radioactive substances, and their partial elimination through the patient’s metabolism, require the mandatory use of controlled toilets (said “hot”) before the patients are dismissed or during their hospitalization. This is necessary to hold the radioactive wastewaters in proper tanks for the required time before releasing them in the public sewers. The WDMS NT-VK system is designed to collect and monitor radioactive wastewaters, which can obtain the free release only after their radioactivity drops under the values allowed by the laws in force.

The entire system is locally managed by a PLC, the action of which are commanded by a remote management software installed on a PC.

Through the interactive synoptic interface of the software the operator can activate the system automatic cycles, set the measurement parameters, visualize the alarms and release archives, and monitor the system’s status (filling levels, pumps stages, measurements, alarms).


Redundant critical elements:

The elements of the hydraulic system that manage the flow of the wastewaters (pumps, purification tanks, etc.) are designed to minimize the risks of overflowing. In particular, the critical elements are installed in couples.

Containment group:

It consists in a perimetral waterproof containment barrier built on the floor, able to contain eventual wastewaters flooding from any system’s stage and to convoy them to a safety flooding well.

Level signal systems:

These devices indicate to the operator the progressive filling of the decay tanks, the sorting group and the safety flooding well.

Emergency “Stop” switches:

Push-button on the PLC switchboard and virtual buttons on the software’s panels. The activation of one of these switches stops any ongoing action of the system.

In addition to standard supply, the following options are available upon request:

  • Single-channel acquisition electronics, as an alternative to the PMT base module


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