The Topaz-X is an advanced, fully digital, compact Multi Channel Analyzer.
This device is used to process the electronic pulses produced by a high resolution, electrically cooled silicon detector such as Silicon drift detector (SDD) or Silicon PIN diode (Si-PIN). The MCA implements several advanced modes of data acquisition, such as: Pulse Height Analysis (PHA), Multi-channel scaling (MCS), LIST and Time LIST mode (TLIST). For the latter, each recorded pulse will be stored not only with the pulse height information (energy), but with the arrival time stamp as well.
In TLIST mode the event time resolution is up to 40 nano seconds.

The Topaz-X transfers acquired data via an ultra fast USB connection to the PC with data transfer rates of 480 Mbit/sec.
The device can be powered via the USB connection or using an external low noise AC/DC power supply, which is included in the delivered package.

The device can be controlled via our basic acquisition software (bMCA  software), which can be freely downloaded from our WEB site.
Alternatively, the MCA control is incorporated into our fully featured X ray spectrometry analysis software bAxil.
The MCA is cased into a rugged aluminum box of pocket sizes with one input connector (detector preamp signal), two input/output programmable connections and an interface connector (USB mini type B) to the PC.

In addition to standard supply, the following options are available upon request:

  • Topaz-X with mini lemo connectors
  • Topaz-X with standard BNC connectors
  • Topaz-X as separate PCB only
  • Programming libraries for Windows and Linux OS


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