CAEN SpA Spectroscopy division


Industry Services and Expertise

Safety Evaluations

  • Safety evaluations of nuclear facilities, laboratories, premises
  • Case study development for safety evaluations
  • Development of Scenarios for Safety Improvements
  • Study of innovative nuclear instruments and solutions for safety enhancement

Customized Solutions

  • Concept & Design of customized Nuclear Measurement Systems :
    • Safety evaluation and Safety Plan
    • Concept Study and Development
    • Modeling (MCNP, GEANT4 etc..) and geometric study
    • Detector and Electronic Design
    • Mechanical Design & assembly (Robotics)
    • Safety Qualification
    • Deployment & Training
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Radiological Studies & Emergencies

  • Safety Analysis and Safety Assessments
  • Radon Measurement and Mitigation Services
  • Radiological Release & Dose Evaluation
  • Data Management & Statistical Analysis
  • Nuclear Emergency Planning
  • Post Accident Intervention
  • Site Remediation Approach & Method

Together We Stand

CAEN SyS is partnering with NINE to provide

  • NPP safety assessment including licensing
  • Severe Accident Assessments
  • Fuel performance and Fuel production quality controls
  • Reactor Physics
  • R&D


  • Strong Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Engineering background
  • Comprehensive Safety evaluation and implementation of novel techniques for safety enhancements
  • Concept & Design of customized nuclear measurement solution within plant design; instruments implementation with related safety evaluation
  • PWR, BWR & SMR competences
  • Novel and Innovative In-Core measurement approaches
  • R&D teams
  • Quality Assurance framework

Small details, Great difference

Management with over 25y of experience and expertise on:

  • Nuclear Measurements for Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Fuel Cycle
  • Safety Systems like I&C components and RMS (Radiation Measurement Systems) including Monitoring Systems for Severe Accidents
  • Fresh Fuel assembly measurements ; pin Fuel assembly characterization, Safeguards and Non-Proliferation systems
  • Burn-up measurements systems
  • Waste Management and Waste Digitization
  • Nuclear Process Instrumentation & Controls
  • Studies for nuclear measurements customized systems
  • CAEN is QA certified ISO-9001