The acquisition and control unit SATURN I 5700 RTM-WM is a compact ratemeter, designed for managing and processing signals from the connected area monitoring detector. SATURN I 5700 RTM-WM is designed to be wall mounted, by means of its supporting lugs. The unit continuously acquires data coming from the detector, processes them and compares results with user defined internally stored threshold parameters.

Possible failure, alarm or prealarm conditions are signalled by means of acoustic, luminous devices and relays. Two user selected measurements can be displayed at the same time on the ratemeter screen, including: istantaneous or average countrate, doserate, activity concentration; counts, dose or activity integrated values.

The monitor can be controlled by a host PC through an Ethernet network (or RS485 for long distances). 5700 SMON, the PC control software, is a remote management Windows application with a synoptic diagram that displays in real time the data processed by the monitor and its operating condition and stores all information to disk archives. Some system parameters and alarm/prealarm thesholds can be changed remotely upon password authorization. Alternatively to 5700 SMON, a utility application is available to allow downloading of the SATURN I 5700 RTM-WM internal data archives to the computer.

In addition to standard supply, the following options are available upon request:

  • Additional alarm unit for remote signalling: model ALU
  • Software utility for data archive download: model UTAS (connection cables included)
  • Software application for complete remote management of the monitor, featuring a synoptic diagram: model 5700 SMON (connection cables on request)
  • Data concentrator PC: model CPC


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