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The S2D (standalone spectroscopic device) system is a solid state detector made of Cadmium (Cd), Zinc (Z) and Telluride (Te) usually known as CZT sensor.
These systems are compact gamma radiation detectors with a good energy resolution.

Applications involving low weight requirements, fast response and source localization usually make use of these device.
Drone with low payload usually mount these devices beacuse of their features.
Furthermore thanks to band gap of few volts the user can use it at room temperature without requiring a cooling system.

The S2D pairs the CZT sensor with a proprietary front-end electronics for the signal processing (preamplification, signal treatment based on MCA and amplification) also at high count rates.

The system proposed is equipped with a CZT detector, electonics for the detector power supply and the signal treatment and a software for the real time data analysis. The system has a USB 2.0 digital output for data transmission directly on the laptop, a Li-ion battery with 6 hours of autonomy
and USB dedicated recharger circuit.


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