PPM 9300


The PPM 9300 monitor has been designed and realized to monitor unauthorized radioactive sources transportation or possible contaminations on persons passing through the device. The system features a portal mechanical structure, with two columns on the sides of the measuring zone, each containing one plastic scintillator detector with a large sensitive area.
Both detectors are shielded on the external side by means of lead plates, in order to reduce the contribution from the environmental background radiation.

The measurement starts when the sensor detects the passage of a person through the portal. The monitor measures the radioactivity level, subtracts the background contribution and compares the net result with an alarm threshold. All measured data and information about alarm and failure statuses are displayed by the software.

The background level is automatically determined by the monitor when no passage through the portal is occurring.

In addition to standard supply, the following options are available upon request:

  • Additional alarm unit for remote signaling mod. ALU
  • Passage interlock device
  • Neutron detection unit: moderator- and shielding-free BF3-filled tubes for fast and thermal neutron detection


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