The NAUSICAA 5301 IC series  environmental monitoring unit is a modular system for gamma dose measurements, and it comes in two versions:

  • with an electrometer for pulsed field measurements (7 decades, NAUSICAA 5301 IC-PF)
  • with an electrometer for environmental measurements (9 decades, NAUSICAA 5301 IC, default version).

The detector is a 16-atm ion chamber of the ICP series, which allows to extend the detection energy range down to the low energies (35 keV), by choosing the proper model.

The instrument is composed by the following main parts:

  • Ion chamber detector;
  • Power supply and signal processing electronics
  • Acquisition and control unit

The unit allows to visualize locally the dose rate or the integrated dose values and eventually indicates alarm, pre-alarm or bad functioning statuses through acoustic and luminous signals.
The standard configuration of NAUSICAA 5301 IC monitoring unit, suitable for indoor use, is composed by a table box 3U 63HP, which hosts the electronics modules, and the ion chamber directly installed on top of it.
Wall mounting accessories are also available, as well as a high-protection IP65 container for outdoor use.

In addition to standard supply, the following options are available upon request:

  • Wireless communication with the Host PC
  • UTAS software utility for archive storage (connection cables included)
  • 5700 SMON complete remote management software with synoptic screen (connection cables included)
  • CPC data concentrator PC
  • ALU alarm unit for status remote signaling
  • Trolley kit: bare/unwired trolley for wheeled transport
  • Rechargeable 12VDC battery power supply


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