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MC2 Analyzer is a software specifically designed to manage CAEN Digital MCA (780/781 family, DT5770, and gamma stream) as well as CAEN digitizers running DPP-PHA (Digital Pulse Processing for the Pulse
Height Analysis) firmware, like 724, 725 and 730 families.

The DPP-PHA firmware implements a digital trapezoidal filter on the input pulse, which replaces the traditional analog chain of shaping amplifier and peak sensing ADC.
The MCA is therefore directly connected to the charge sensitive preamplifier, with no need of
additional devices. The PHA algorithm is able to perform online baseline restoration, ballistic effect corrections, and manage the pile-up for the live time information.

PHA and time-stamped list acquisition modes are available.

MC2 Analyzer software allows the user to program the relevant DPP-PHA parameters, to manage the HV channels configuration (x780 and gamma stream only), to collect the spectra and perform mathematical analysis, like energy calibration, peak search, background subtraction, peak fitting, etc.

The software is designed with multi-channel and multi-board capabilities: it can handle several boards and manage the data acquisition from each of them at the same time.

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