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Hexagon is a compact, stand-alone dual digital 32k MCA with integrated HV & Preamplifier Power Supply, available in desktop form factor. It is designed for high energy resolution semiconductor detectors, like HPGe and Silicon Detectors but also for scintillation detectors as Nal and LaBr3.

Hexagon features the real-time Digital Pulse Processing for Pulse Height Analysis (PHA) making the module a spectroscopy acquisition system providing energy (i.e. pulse height) and timing information as well as waveforms and internal signals for debugging, monitoring and Pulse Shape Analysis. The embedded CPU runs an os able to execute custom routines for automated operations. Thanks to the two input simultaneous acquisition, the module is able to manage coincidence and anti-coincidence logic between detectors, allowing the user, for example, to easily take advantage of background rejection or anti-Compton techniques.

Hexagon embeds I/O connectors for SCA, MCS and Coincidence/Anticoincidence functions, it integrates High Voltage Inhibit and TRP Inhibit.
Clock and Synchronization connectors are provided, which allow the time stamp of multiple modules to be aligned with high accuracy. The module embeds an LCD screen to monitor real time the data acquisition results, e.g. ICR, OCR and dead time.

Acquisition settings and mathematical analysis are performed through the MC2Analyzer software, providing energy spectra with up to 32k channels, which can be exported and imported in ASCII or N42.42 compliant files.

The two high voltage supply channels can be ordered in three different polarity configurations:

  • both channel positive: 2 HVPS +2kV/1mA, +5kV/30µA – 2 LVPS  ±12V/100mA, ±24V/50mA
  • both channel negative: 2 HVPS -2kV/1mA, -5kV 30µA – 2 LVPS  ±12V/100mA, ±24V/50mA
  • mixed polarity configuration: 1 HVPS +2kV/1mA, +5kV/30µA – 1 HVPS -2kV/1mA, -5kV/30µA – 2 LVPS ±12V/100mA, ±24V/50mA

Hexagon can be equipped with a wide range of HPGe detectors depending on the application:

  • HPGe planar and coaxial detectors are available, both p and n type with relative efficiencies up to 50%. Standard or with extended energy range. The available options are shown here


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