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The GAMON-S is a gamma radiation spectroscopy system designed for outdoor and indoor online radiation monitoring, for early environmental warning and emergency response. It can operate in harsh weather conditions and is protected from rain and moisture. The GAMON-S can be deployed in a wide range of scenario, as in permanent ring monitoring as well as in moving monitoring stations thanks to GPS coordinate logging.

The GAMON-S spectrometer runs automatic isotope identification and isotope related dose rate evaluation. The real-time data processing and the defined isotope based alarm allow GAMON-S to detect the presence of artificial nuclides in a short time window and more effectively compared to traditional dose rate meters.

The spectroscopy detector is configured to collect gamma interactions in the energy range from 30 keV to 3 MeV. Alternative energy ranges can be configured on request.

The full spectrometer is designed to guarantee IP68, including the power and the communication interface connectors.

The spectrometer web interface allows the user to easily configure the data acquisition and the isotopic analysis. Security level of the web interface can be configured by the user to avoid unauthorized setting changes. An additional web interface enable the access to multiple GAMON-S spectrometers at once and to visualize the on a map.


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