The FREE-AND 16 spectrometric station is a robust and handy system designed to perform the weighting and spectrometric analysis of materials, coming from nuclear power plants decommissioning activities. The performed measurements are typically used to determine the mass activity concentration.

The main components are:

  • Two series of 3”x3” scintillator detectors (16 in total), one at each side of the weighting platform, equipped with multichannel electronics
  • Mechanical support structure for detectors
  • Weighting platform where the containers are placed
  • Junction boxes mounted on the lateral supports, and control PC with user-friendly software

The minimum achievable sensitivity that the system can reach is 0,04 Bq/g (15 minutes measurement, 300 kg of material, 1 g/cm3 density).

The mechanical support structure can well resist to the weight of the equipment and to accidental bumps that could happen while handling the containers in everyday use. The weighting platform has a maximum limit of 6000 kg and a minimum sensitivity of 1 kg. Thanks to its dimensions, containers of different type and dimensions can be placed on the platform, up to a maximum of 100x105x210 cm3 (WxHxD).

The operator interacts with FREE-AND 16 through a sophisticated yet easy-to-use software. To perform the measurement, the operator shall select the proper geometry from a previously defined database, then set the measure time; at this point the procedure automatically starts when the container is placed upon the weighting platform.

Thanks to the geometry and the configuration of the spectrometric station, FREE-AND 16 can be also used in others applications besides decommissioning, and it can be adjusted to the requirements as for dimensions and detectors number.


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