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FlexiSpec is a Flexible gamma Spectrometry data acquisition platform based on Multi-Parametric Digital Pulse Processing (DPP) dedicated to spectroscopy applications. It is designed to simultaneously control, readout and process the signals from a wide range of particle detectors combined in arrays.

In fact, FlexiSpec is able to easily manage correlation, coincidences and anticoincidences between multiple detectors, as required, for example, by advanced background rejection or anti-Compton techniques. FlexiSpec allows the user to mix and match a selection of different building blocks (such as MCAs, HV power supplies, Pulse Shape Analyzers, …) that can be easily integrated and synchronized to build a multi-parametric, complete system tailored to his specific application.

This makes FlexiSpec the ideal choice for compact systems as typical 4-channels clover detectors, but also, thanks to its scalability, well suited for sophisticated arrays made of tens of different detectors including high resolution spectroscopy detectors, anti-cosmic shields and fast timing layers.
In addition, FlexiSpec systems can be easily adapted to different measurement conditions by simply changing or adding modules to existing setup for addressing the new requirements.

CAEN SyS is fully mastering the whole product development chain and starting from this basis and through the collaboration with CAEN SpA the FlexiSpec platform has been developed. CAEN SyS can install all the modules present in the CAEN SpA catalogue in the FlexiSpec platform and can ask for customization to fit the solution on the customer requirements.

The FlexiSpec platform is provided with dedicated and customized  software with user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) tailored for the customer.


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