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New MCA frontier
Digiwaste Platform
Gamon Platform
Catalog 2017


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Quantus – High performance gamma-ray quantitative spectrometry software
bMCA software – Basic Acquisition and Spectrometry Softwar DOC
MICRO – ultra compact CZT spectrometer DOC
DIGITAL MULTIPORT – dual/quad independent digital MCA
GAMMA SPEC LAB – full laboratory set
DDSA-SYS – dual digital signal analyzer
SODIGAM – high precision scintillator spectra analysis software
XR-SPEC – high resolution x-ray spectrometry package
TOPAZ-X – compact digital MCA for ED X-Ray Fluorescence
TOPAZ PICO – compact, stand-alone, digital MCA
RADARM – automated HPGe spectrometer
MC2 ANALYZER – MCA data acquisition and analysis software
HEXAGON – dual independent 32k digital MCA
GAMMA TOUCH – gamma stream control software for android
GAMMA STREAM – stand-alone tube base MCA
bPAD – compact single channel analyzer
bMCA – compact digital multi channel analyzer
B AXIL- ED XRF spectrum analysis software
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S2D – CZT detector
GAMMA and X-RAY HPGe spectrometer
NitroSPEC – HPGe hand-held spectrometer
portable HPGe detector
Planar HPGe Detectors
p type coaxial HPGe
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GAMMA FLY – airborne spectrometric ultracompact mapping system
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SIRIO – gamma/neutron single detector high efficiency radiation portal monitor
RADHAND 600 PRO – handheld spectrometer with UHF RFID tagging
PPM 9300 – pedestrian portal monitor 9300
GALILEO 9900 – cargo portal radiation monitor
CM 9700 – conveyor belt radiation monitor
VERY-FUEL – fresh fuel fast neutron detector
SFINGE – single detector gamma/neutron portal monitor
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GAMON-S airport – gamma radiation spectroscopy system for security applications
MISTRAL XM – air contamination monitoring system
MERCURY – Geiger Müller Probe – wide range gamma field
GAMON-D – real time dose rate monitor
GAMON-S – real time gamma spectroscopy system
PIC – high precision directional ion chamber
ZB-TC – zigbee bluetooth transceiver unit
WDMS NT-VK – monitoring system for radioactive wastewaters
SATURN I 5700 – wall mounting digital ratemeter
SATURN I 5700 RTM – rack mounting digital ratemeter
PNAI series – NaI(Tl) scintillator probe
PITAGORA 5700 – environmental monitoring system
NAUSICAA 5303 2IC – aerial beta monitor
LEM – liquid effluent monitor system
GM-1 – Geiger-Müller gamma radiation probe
DISCOVERY 5302 IC – pressurized ion chamber
CPMON 5303 – network of environmental monitoring station
B-RAD – hand-held gamma survey meter
BONNER SPHERE – neutron spectrometer
BONES – thermal neutron shielding -borated polymer sheets
NAUSICAA 5301 IC – environmental gamma radiation monitor
SATURN 5702 – gamma/neutron radiation monitor
MERCURY – Geiger Müller probe
VITRUVIUS 8220 – hand foot clothes gamma monitor
b SCAN – thin layer radio cromatography scanner
LUPIN 5401 – neutron rem counter for pulsed fields
5700 sMON – software for monitoring network
SATURN II – wall mounting monitoring unit
ICP Series – high pressure ionization chamber
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WM symposia 2018 – Paper “A Novel Platform for Digitization of Radiation Measurements, D&D and Nuclear Waste Management”
RADHAND 600 PRO – handheld spectrometer with UHF RFID tagging
ADAMOS series – drum monitoring system
AURAS 3000 – free release waste assay counter
FREE-AND 16 – decommissioning material spectrometric station
ARCHIMEDES II 9102 WiFi – waste materials radiation monitor
CARONTE 9400 – portable conveyor belt gamma monitor
ARCHIMEDES III – excavation material portal radiation monitor
BOX COUNTER – small objects radiation monitor


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bMCA software – basic acquisition and spectrometry software
MICRO – ultra compact CZT spectrometer SOFTWARE