CM 9700



CM 9700 is a radiation monitoring device designed to automatically control the gamma radioactivity levels in materials being transported on conveyors systems, whatever the nature of materials and the type of conveyor may be.
The plastic detector can have different dimensions depending on the specific needs. Typically, a 7,5 liters detector is used (100x15x5 cm3), because it represents the best performance vs weight/price ratio.

The detector and electronics housing can be installed directly over or under the conveyor, this  allow to obtain high sensitivity measurements without using big and heavy detectors.
The mechanical structure of the housing has an IP65 protection grade.

The management software installed on the PC allows the operator to completely control the monitoring system, and to interact with it as in signaling management, parameters setting, data display and exportation.

If needed, several CM 9700 can be installed and managed as a network of independent measurement channels.
Whereas static monitoring devices perform measurements in repeated conditions under the full control of the operator, an instrument such as the CM 9700 must be able to automatically adapt to extremely variable situations.


The CM 9700 complete set is composed by the following components:

  • detector (PVT plastic scintillator)
  • stainless steel housing for the detector
  • built-in electronics for signal forming, amplification and discrimination (PAD)
  • unit for data processing/management and communication to the PC (ratemeter of the RATEWALL series)
  • remote control unit (PC) connected via Ethernet, with management software and alarm column

In addition to standard supply, the following options are available upon request:

  • Remote service: assistance via internet by our engineers
  • Custom configuration (number, dimension and positioning of the detectors)


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