The FREE-AND 16 spectrometric station is a robust and handy system designed to perform spectrometric analysis of materials, coming from nuclear power plants decommissioning activities.

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ADAMOS series

ADAMOSYS is an automated Segmented Gamma Scanner station designed to measure drums by means of a high efficiency HPGe detector

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AURAS 3000

AURAS 3000 is a highly automated system for measuring a variety of sample sizes and forms (bags, boxes, barrels, B25 containers, etc…)

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The portable CARONTE 9400 gamma monitor has been designed to facilitate quick, user-friendly measurement of radioactivity levels for small objects such as tools and boxes

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BOX COUNTER is designed to perform fast gamma radiation monitoring of laundry and small objects and compare the results with the release limits

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The PIPE SCANNER system is designed to perform a complete and accurate radiometric scan of the internal and external surfaces of a pipe, tube, or similar conduit

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