GAMON Portal

GAMON Portal is a family of Pedestrian Portal Monitor (PPM) and Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) for gamma neutron detection at access point

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Quantus is the first, platform independent and general purposes CAEN SyS quantitative analysis software for gamma-ray spectrometry


bMCA software

The bMCA Basic Acquisition and Spectrometry Software is a program that can be used to connect to any of Brightspec Multi-Channel Analyzers in order to acquire data in PHA or MCS modes. The application also allows to perform basic spectral data processing and analysis.

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SIRIO is a Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) designed to perform gamma and neutron detection to identify radioactive and/or Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) in vehicles and containers.


GAMON Security

The GAMON Security is a fast and easy deployable gamma neutron detection system for emergency response and discrete monitoring of public events or sensitive location

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The MICRO Spectrometer series offers high performance gamma spectroscopy at very low power consumption, ultra small dimension and low weight.



The GAMON-D is a gamma dose rate monitoring system for online radiation monitoring around nuclear facilities and nationwide environmental monitoring networks