BONES is a flexible, lightweight, easy to manipulate and heat resistant polymer, containing a variable concentration of natural Boron, up to 25% in weight. Boron (in particular the Boron-10 isotope, whose natural abundance is 20%) has a high capture cross-section for thermal neutrons (3835 barn), which means that BONES has an excellent attenuation factor for thermal neutrons, up to 300.

Thanks to these features, BONES is a shielding material highly suitable for applications where the stray radiation fields are characterized by a non-negligible neutron component. The shielding power of BONES is maximized when it is directly coupled to concrete walls.

The main applications are:

  • Shielding for bunkers and access mazes of radiotherapy vaults
  • Shielding for particle accelerators, for both industrial and research applications
  • Shielding for electronic devices that must be protected from potential radiation induced failures caused by cosmic rays

BONES takes the form of sheets of variable dimensions and thickness, according to the customer’s specific needs.BONES can be easily manipulated and installed by non-specialized personnel; it can also be easily cut and shaped with common scissors.The sheets are ready to be installed on concrete, metal or other material surfaces, using standard mounting techniques.


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