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The Security stage

The introduction of automatic systems in nuclear security applications increases the safety of the operators (ALARA – As Low As Reasonably Achievable) and measurements become easier and faster than before. A quick decision-making procedure is an essential requirement, as well as the extrapolation of the information from a network of sensors.

For this reason, CAEN SyS is introducing a family of security systems to better address nuclear security applications. They integrate smart technologies and data fusion processes to limit the operator exposure and providing information in real time for the optimization of prompt intervention.




Operating Scenarios

  • Radioactive, SNM and NORM sources search, identification in harbor’s containers area
  • Preventive detection in public access areas against terrorist threats like dirty bomb and silent source
  • Rapid scanning in public access areas for early alarm in case of radioactivity found
  • Law enforcement by customs inspectors
  • Personnel and Site Security in critical infrastructures

Main Features

  • Portable neutron and gamma spectrometers
  • Online neutron and gamma-ray discrimination
  • Neutron source ID with discrimination between fissile material, alpha-n source and plutonium
  • Identification of gamma ray emitters and NORM sources
  • 3 s for a gamma ray alarm, 10 s for a neutron alarm and 1 minute for identification of the isotope
  • Rechargeable battery powered with more than 5 hours of autonomy
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GALILEO 9900 series

Portal Radiation Monitoring System for Vehicles

Operating Scenarios

  • Scanning of cargo containers and vehicles in transit for the identification of gamma radioactive elements
  • Monitoring for customs inspections
  • Site security in critical infrastructures or company access
  • Monitoring access procedures during public events

Main Features

  • High sensitivity measurements of gamma radiations
  • Adjustable configuration for best compliance to layout and vehicles specifications
  • Continuous monitoring and automatic environmental background subtraction
  • Pass-through speed control
  • Alarm and bad functioning events management, with local display and remote indications
  • Designed to resist to maximum wind loads
  • Connectable to vehicle identification devices (plate readers)
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Uav System Equipped Gamma Source Detection & Localization System

Operating Scenarios

  • Localization over large areas of low gamma radioactive materials
  • Monitoring of public events
  • Scan of waste environments and harsh working areas
  • Investigation of hazardous radiological environments
  • Prompt intervention in case of alarm

Main Features

  • CdZnTe high detection efficiency detector
  • Gamma source detection and localization
  • Real-time analysis and communication to ground control station
  • Real-time alarm report
  • MEM sensors onboard
  • ALARA: reduction of the radiological exposure for the operator
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Gamma Radiation Spectroscopy System For Real-Time Radiation Monitor

Operating Scenarios

  • Easy deployable systems for fast monitoring reaction also in case of alert
  • Radiological monitoring of points of access
  • Public event security by sensor network
  • Urban area and road monitoring

Main Features

  • Spectral analysis and statistical data treatment according to ISO-11929
  • Automatic status and alarm reports
  • Web interface mapping the network of connected stations and their configuration
  • IP 68 case designed for operating outdoor in extreme weather conditions from -30 to +60 °C
  • Wireless communication interfaces
  • Long range and low power wireless platform LoRa™
  • Automatic calibration and stabilization procedures
  • RPM fast replacement in case of its malfunctioning or to control an additional lane as a new access point
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Radiation Monitor Mapping System

Operating Scenarios

  • Prompt intervention procedures in case of radiological accident
  • Working plan management of indoor and outdoor radioactive areas
  • Scan of nuclear facilities and hazardous radiological working environments
  • Long time monitoring of dose rates
  • Network integration of a spectroscopic device for an in-field precision measurement investigation

Main Features

  • Dose rate mapping in real time
  • Easily deployable systems using UAV
  • Different localization systems (Decaway or GPS)
  • Data transmission availability also for long ranges (Wifi, LoRa, GSM)
  • Cartographic software (Kartrotrack®)
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