The portal monitor ARCHIMEDES III 9103 is designed to measure the radioactivity level in excavation materials of various nature, to define their proper destination as far as their release in the environment is concerned. The portal is composed of two couples of large surface detectors (5000 cm2), each mounted on one of the two lateral sides of the portal structure.

The portal configuration provides a broad measurement area and at the same time it guarantees the best sensitivity. The monitor has an open top; this allows to easily place the containers and boxes to be monitored on the platform.
The portal is equipped with a platform scale to measure the weight of the boxes.

The whole ARCHIMEDES III 9103 system is managed by the user-friendly software installed on the control PC. The software performs the following main functions:

  • Commands the PLC for the detector’s movement and adjustment
  • Receives as an input the measurement parameters (box dimensions)
  • Detects the weight of the box
  • Acquires and processes the data
  • Receives as an input new measurement geometries, if needed
  • Manages the alarm and malfunctioning statuses
  • Saves the measurements in dedicated archives that can be recalled anytime

The environment background is automatically and continuously measured, and it is automatically subtracted from the measurements.


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